A Photographer’s Guide: How Much Optical Zoom Do You Really Need?

How Much Optical Zoom Do You Really Need?
We all want the biggest and the best things in life, be it cars or homes or cameras. But when you think about it, it would be a little boring to live in a 45-room castle in complete seclusion on a hill, not forgetting scary too. Even cameras pose the same problem; the largest numbers don’t necessarily mean the best camera, including its optical zoom.
Now there are no hard and fast rules pertaining to the specifications of a camera in order to get a good picture. After a certain point, it’s all about the photographer, not the camera. But yes, only after a certain point. Till then, you just need a better camera. As far as optical zoom is considered, it is generally a good practice to stick to optical and not digital. A digital zoom is not the same as an optical one. Another thing to look out for along is the focal length of the lens.

Understanding Zoom and Focal Length

The focal length (read as ‘XX’mm) is the strength with which the lens can focus on an object, while the optical zoom (the number ‘X’x zoom) is the strength of the total zoom you can achieve. This means that if a lens has a larger focal length, it has a narrow angle of view and a smaller focal length implies a wider angle of view.
Zoom lens details in camera
This means that if the camera you’re buying says 35 mm focal length with a 10x optical zoom, this means the minimum distance of the lens is 35 mm and the maximum zoomed-in distance would be 350 mm. Now, a lens of 28 mm focal length and 10x zoom would mean the minimum distance is 28 mm and the maximum is only 280 mm, but the lens would give a much wider perspective than a 35 mm lens. This is why it is very important to know what kind of pictures you’re going to take and then buy the appropriate camera, rather than getting the biggest one.

Deciding on the Best Optical Zoom

To help you decide, here’s a simple set of questions. The answers to them will reveal the kind of optical zoom you really want.
Do you want to use the camera to take photos of your family and friends, especially at birthdays or other parties?
You really don’t need too much zoom here, only around 2x or 3x would be more than enough. In fact, if you’re taking a picture of a large group, it would be better to have a wide angle camera. If you’re trying to get detailed candid pictures in a party, you would again be better off to walk just a little closer than use a super-zoom camera with a narrow perspective that might distort the picture at the slightest movement.
Photographer taking picture of mother and baby
Do you want to take pictures of nature while you’re off on vacations or hiking in the woods?
Pictures of nature need you to be very still to eliminate the distortion, which means you’ll have to stay a little back if it means getting a stable grip. If you’re out hiking, a camera with a 5x or 7x optical zoom would be your best bet. It will get you the perfect still, without compromising on a larger perspective or on details.
Woman hiker taking photo
Do you want to take pictures of subjects too far away and you can’t really get too close, like wildlife photography of lions or birds?
You will need a great deal of optical zoom, at least 10x. If you’re taking single subject pictures without much interest in the surroundings, then a narrow perspective camera with 10x or 15x optical zoom is excellent in getting the right kind of detail, like the lion’s eyes or the eagle’s beak.
Photographer on safari in africa
Do you want to take more indoor shots or outdoor shots?
If you’re taking more indoor shots, you will find a lack of space trying to step back, getting the right perspective. Again, a low zoom (2x to 5x), wide perspective camera would be excellent. If you’re taking an outdoor shot, space won’t be much of a bother and you’ll also want to take pictures of things far away. This calls for a larger optical zoom (5x or more) and a decent perspective.
Young man taking photographs
Are you going to take pictures in good light, or resort to a flash photo?
The answer kind of merges with the above situation of indoor photography. If you’re outside in natural sunlight, a good zoom is not really necessary if the subject is close enough. If you’re inside however, this means two things; poor lighting and the restrictions on flash. It is a little rude after all, to throw a flash into a person’s face indoors in poor lighting. Here, you’ll need a good enough zoom of around 10x or 12x to get close-ups without having bad lighting get in the way too much.
Photographer taking photo of kids
It becomes very important to know what you’re buying when money is a bit of an issue. Buying a camera, somehow deviates from this statement, going as far ahead as to state that you won’t always get the best thing even if you have the money, making buying it a little interesting!
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