How to Set Up a Quick DIY Photo Booth in No Time

How to Set Up a Photo Booth

Setting up a photo booth is a super fun DIY project. Two ways of building your own photo booth is given here. The first idea requires a good laptop and a printer, while the other needs some basic photography equipment. Read on how to set up your own booth the

photo booth for birthday party
Photo booth are becoming very popular at parties. They can be seen at the wedding and birthday parties. Photo booth are unique and form great ideas at a party and a quite simple one to do. You can set up a photo booth within an hour if you have the right equipment.
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Having a photo booth will add up to the entertainment of the party, and also let the guests take away their photos with them as memories. You can set one up at home just for fun, or for a special occasion like Halloween.
Setting up a photo booth at home, before going to the party venue will allow you to test it beforehand. So, without further ado here are tips on building your own photo booth.

Simple Photo Booth

laptop and photo printer
For a super basic photo booth, you will need just a laptop and a printer. But, make sure the laptop has an embedded camera in it which has a decent enough resolution to take passport size photographs.
So, in a corner of the room, that is well-lit, keep a stool for people to sit while their picture is being shot. Then set up the laptop at a height which allows to take straight shot of the subject. Connect the laptop with a printer. And install a software which takes three or more photos in one go.
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You can use Automator workflow for Mac interface or go with DSLR Remote Pro version for Windows. Once you have installed it, check by making somebody pose for you and then take the shot and print it. Set up the software to take three shots with one click.
This was a simple way to set up a photo studio. If you want, you can keep a Shoji screen to make two sides of the wall, and the one side of the wall and the open side can be used to enter the photo booth. If you want you can invest in a professional light to lit the subject properly.

Photo Booth with Basic Equipment

Dslr camera
The most basic equipment you need to set up a decent photo booth at home is a basic DSLR camera. These days they are available for real low prices, so you can consider investing in one.
photo studio light
Also, you will need other photography equipment like light, umbrella, stands, etc. You will need a light, which can be flash from your DSLR or you can consider buying a special light. You will also need a good quality and sturdy stand to keep the light on. Invest in a tripod stand for your DSLR too.
photo studio umbrella
You can also use an umbrella to bounce the light. If you are using a special flash lit then fix it in an umbrella, so that it bounces off the light from the umbrella surface. This will help bounce soft light on the subject.
seamless paper backdrop
Another important equipment you need to set up a photo booth is a backdrop. For this, the best idea is to buy a background stand and a seamless paper. You can also hang a big fabric to create a background.
If you want to merge the subject with a different background, then consider using a chroma screen which comes in mostly bright green or bright blue color.
girl posing at photo studio
Then set up all your equipment, ask the subject to pose, compose your shot and click, to take a great shot. You can also rent a photo booth, if you feel setting it up is not your cup of tea.
photo booth
These were some practical tips on setting up a photo booth at home. So, what are you waiting for? Gather all the equipment you need to set the photo booth and get started on this fun project. Enjoy shooting!

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