Incredibly Creative Poses for Family Photos

Family Photo Poses
There are several family photo posing ideas that can be adopted, so as to keep certain memories fresh forever. Though these ideas help; the craziness, the cool quotient and the enthusiasm of your family defines how the photograph will turn out to be.
Family reunion
Time passes and never returns, however, we do have the privilege of capturing those memorable moments in our cameras and storing them for ages, in the form of photographs.
collection of old photographs
Watching old photographs brings a smile to everybody’s face. It’s simply so nostalgic! Rather than always clicking random pictures, it would be great to have unique family photos framed in the house.

Fun Family Photo

Beautiful Family In Their Backyard
Have all the family members dressed in the same color T-shirt and a pair of jeans. For example, blue T-shirts and jeans.
You can also have T-shirts of two colors if your family is large.
Having fun as a family
Have the women wear yellow and the men wear green. Or else, you could have the kids wear one color and the parents can wear another. Now lie down in such a way that all the heads are aligned to form a circle. Ask the photographer to take the snap from above.
You could also have everybody lie down in a line and have everybody bend their knees. Have everybody look backwards and then the picture should be taken. It will be quite a fun picture! You could also make formations or stand in angles. Standing in ‘v’ formations with the father at the tip of the ‘v’ and the others standing in the ‘v’ formation is also fun.

Family Portrait

Large Family Photo
If the family comprises a large number of members, then the best family photo poses would be on the patio or on small stools placed outdoors or the the stairs (indoors).
Family Photo
Get the family to dress in two contrasting colors. For example, white and black or red and green. Have the pants color coordinated as well. You could also have all the women in the family dressed in white and all the men in the family dressed in black. This gives a wonderful look.
Family portrait
Then have them stand on the stairs right till the base, with the colors of white and black evenly spread out. You could also do this outdoors. Get a few folding stools and allow the elders and those with babies to be seated, while the rest can stand behind them.

Outdoor Family Photo

Family Building Snowman In Garden
If it’s winter in your area and you have snow all around, make use of the wonderful opportunity. Make different snowmen in the snow representing each member of the family.
You could also make the snowmen headless and ask each family member to stand behind their respective snowmen. This way only the heads can be seen, with the body being that of a snow man. This pose is really great for Christmas and New Year cards.

Cool Family Photo

Extended Family Group
If you all have spent time over the years playing scrabble, then have a picture with the scrabble tiles. Just give each person a scrabble tile holder with tiles spelling their names in them. Have each person hold the tile in front of them and pose for the shot.
You could also stand behind a tree, shortest or smallest member first and the taller ones behind. Have each one pop their head from behind the bark, such that one can only see the heads popping out of the bark.
You do not need to specially go to the studio to have these unique family photo poses captured on camera. You could also ask a family friend to come down and take the family photos for you. Be as creative as you want and create your very own cool family photo pose ideas.
smiling family
It’s always a great joy to remember the wonderful days of the past through photographs.

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