Spectacular Bridal Portrait Ideas to Make Your Wedding Memorable


A formal picture of the bride in her bridal dress and makeup, which is taken a few days before the wedding or sometimes just before the wedding ceremony is known as a bridal portrait. A great bridal portrait is one that accentuates the natural beauty of the bride and captures her happiness and radiance. While there are some modern brides who forgo having a bridal portrait clicked; there are many who would like to have a beautiful bridal portrait to treasure for the rest of their life. The most important element in getting your bridal portrait done is to decide on a competent photographer. The best way to do this is to plan around six to four months ahead of the wedding and make a list of wedding photographers. Review their work carefully and then choose a photographer whose work you like and who you feel comfortable with. Once you have booked a photographer, it is time to concentrate on how to have the best bridal portrait taken that reflects your personality. Here we will discuss some of the best and most creative bridal photography ideas.
Ideas for Bridal Portraits
Whether you choose to have your bridal portrait taken months before the wedding or just after the wedding ceremony, there are ways in which you can make your portrait look spectacular.
Pay Attention to Your Dress, Hair and Makeup
The most important aspect of a bridal portrait is the bridal dress, hairstyle and makeup. If you are having your bridal photograph taken a few weeks before the wedding, then make sure that you dress up in a similar fashion as you intend to dress on your wedding day. Of course it goes without saying that you are going to wear the wedding gown for the photo session. But try to co ordinate the other details of your outfit completely. For the bridal portrait to look genuine and classy, it has to reflect your inner joy and apprehension of the matrimony. Once you slip inside the wedding gown and complete you look with shoes, romantic hairstyle and soft makeup, the picture taken will look natural and beautiful.
Choose a Picturesque and Interesting Location
One of the best bridal portrait ideas is to get your picture taken in a place that has scenic beauty. A location that has a lot of greenery, interesting architectural history or even your old school or university are ideal. Make sure that you choose your location carefully as it will form the background of the portrait and you do not want it to detract from the beauty of the portrait. On the other extremity, the background should not be overly bright or ornate that it attracts attention to it rather than focus it you. You can also choose an indoor location like a grand hotel or an old museum that boasts of a unique architecture. Just make sure that there is enough lighting so that your photographer will have no trouble in clicking a great picture.
Be Smart While Posing
Many photographers like to take candid pictures of the bride for the wedding portrait. While that might work for wedding photographs, it is best to pose for bridal portraits so that your natural elegance and grace is reflected. While posing it is always best to stand with your body facing three fourth to the photographer, with your weight placed on one foot to look slim and chic. Ask the photographer to click many pictures in different portrait poses so that you have a wide selection of photographs to choose from.
A bridal portrait can become a treasured sentimental keepsake not only for the bride but for her entire family. You are creating a memory of a lifetime, so make sure that your bridal portrait reflects your personality.

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