Tips for Taking Amazing Photos on Your Smartphone


When taking photos using smartphone’s camera with higher resolution, the quality of the pictures will be better. In case you own a newer or latest smartphone with higher or highest quality lens, you are in a good shape. However, using lesser quality smartphone’s camera can still help you to take quality pictures.

No matter what smartphone’s camera you have, they always have resolution setting in low, medium, high which is picture quality, make sure it is the highest possible so that no detail is missing and blurred image as the result when you take photo with it. It’s difficult to notice the differences on the smartphone’s display, but you will definitely see clear difference on computer or bigger screen.

In order to obtain the finest and cleanest images from your smartphone’s camera, stabilize it while taking photo as jittery hands will cause blurring. When in low light circumstances, smartphone’s camera’s shutter speed tends to slow down to enable more light travel in, and this means you’ll have a longer time to capture those special moment. A tripod should solve the problems, but normally you do not have one available because it’s a normal mobile phone. Thus, use your both hands to stabilize it and brace your upper arms against your own body for even more support.

Remember, avoid being as a victim of the shutter lag. After hitting the capture button, don’t immediately move your smartphone. Stay there for a few more seconds to let it process and ensure it eventually captures the picture you want before you move.

Frequently, subjects in smartphone’s camera end up became a tiny spot in the very far distance. Nowadays, most smartphone’s camera has zoom function. However, its digital zoom which causes the quality of the photo lessen when using it. Thus, make sure your subject matter fills up your smartphone’s display so you can obtain full details of it. If you get too close, your smartphone will become less focus and pictures will turn out distorted or blurry unless you have macro option.

Magic hour actually belongs more to cinematography, whereas that specific time of the day is known by photographers as the golden hour, the first of sunrise and also last hour of sunset during the day. The effect is always splendid and somewhat dreamy due to the colourful sky, and it has good exposure of just enough light left.

When you run out of creativity, seek helps from others! You can go to play store or Apple app store to look for the apps. There are many cool mobile photo filter apps which can add some charm to your photos, either it’s during the photo taking or after. To name a few, there’s Photo Studio, PicsArt and Photo Editor.

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