Wedding Photography Ideas


Your wedding bells are ringing and love is in the air. The weather is good, the ambiance and the venue is perfect. What else do you need? Oh yes! To capture all these beautiful moments, all that is left to complete the entire set up are the photographs! Today, a marriage cannot be complete without the blissful and passionate moments caught in the lens. So if you want to make your album interesting, take a look at some of the ideas given below.

Creative Suggestions

Behind the Scenes
This might seem a bit odd, but it could be real fun for those getting married as well as the photographer. Clicking the photographs just before the ceremony, when the preparations are in full swing, capturing the chaos and the frenzy of the entire atmosphere is a great idea. It is moreover, a great way to capture candid and natural photographs of the after party too.

Fill in the Places
One way is to click the portrait of the couple at the place where they met for the first time. It would be interesting to see the kind of places and photos that come up. The venue can be anything, a coffee shop, a theater, a basketball court or just about anywhere!

Adieus and Farewell
Capturing candid and natural expressions while the bride is being given a farewell by her parents and her side of relatives will definitely add a new angle. Clicking pictures of the parents intermittently throughout the day while they undergo a whole range of emotions would be a very unique proposition.

Maid of Honor
Be it any location, this can be an extremely endearing subject. Yes, the maid of honor with bridesmaids and the best man with the groom’s best buddies – the groomsmen. Spontaneous hugs, carefree whispers and laughs shared, with giggles and exclamations and expressions are one of the best things to capture on the D-day.

Hobbies Galore
If there is a hobby or activity that the couple shares, a photograph in conjunction with that can be a great pick for parties and portraits.

Important Tips

  • The first and the foremost tip is to be prepared. A major chunk of preparation, apart from your logistics, involves communicating with the bride and groom as to what kind of photographs they want.
  • The subjects are the most important thing to be captured on the lens.
  • One of the best natural and candid shots is to catch the bride walking down gloriously and gracefully down the aisle.
  • In case of the necessary evils of the portraits, go descending. Begin clicking the largest group, zeroing in on the bride and groom ultimately.
  • Being bold sometimes and thinking ahead can help you get a great click.
  • Sneaking in a photo of the couple after the I do’s when it is supposed to be just their time, can be a good idea.

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