Wedding Photography Styles


There are very few memories that is as deeply embedded in your heart as the day on which you get married. Every moment of the day of your wedding is something that you would want to treasure and make a special place for. Capturing these moments is important and that is exactly where wedding photography comes into play. Every photograph from the wedding tells a story and these stories are enhanced by the style of the photography. Most wedding albums consist of photos that are clicked in one of the four styles talked about here.
Styles of Wedding Photography
Consult any wedding photographer about ideas for wedding photography and you will be asked to first pick a style that you would be comfortable with for your wedding. There are four main types of wedding photography. Depending on your aesthetic sensibilities and what you want from your wedding photographs, you can choose one or a combination of these photography styles for your nuptial ceremony.
Traditional Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography
This is the style of photography that most of us are familiar with as this is the most common style for wedding photos. The photographs tend be posed for in a certain manner and the photographer has a lot of say in how the photos will look. There will be a sense of chronology to the images.
traditional wedding couple toasting champagne
While traditional wedding photos ensure that there are many brilliantly posed images for the wedding album, the problem lies in the fact that it often looks stiff and too rigid. The happiness that is evident in candid photos tends to be missing with these photos. These photos tend to be slightly too formal and can be reminiscent of an era gone by. But the benefit of such a style is that you will have all the images that you expect out of a wedding album.
Contemporary Wedding Photography
contemporary wedding photo of bride and groom
With contemporary wedding photography one thing that you can be sure of is that you will never end up with similar photos. Every image will be as unique as you yourself are. There is a sense of fun and an element of fun that is attached to contemporary wedding photography. While there may be posing, there is a more stylistic sense to it. The backgrounds for the images will be such that they look straight out of a fashion or lifestyle magazine. This results in images that have a major feel good factor that is synonymous with it, thanks to the glossy appearance.
contemporary wedding photography
The major problem with this style of photography is that after a couple of years there is a sense of age that becomes attached to the photos because it loses its trend factor. But despite that, if you are looking for gorgeous, fashionable photos of your special day, then this may be the style to pick.
Photojournalism Wedding Photography
photojournalism photo of couple dancing
You may wonder what journalism has to do with wedding photography? Well, the answer is that this style of photography uses the inherent characteristics of photojournalism while clicking pictures. The photographer becomes a part of the crowd clicking in-the-moment photographs that capture the special instances at the wedding. This style of photography is candid and very different from what is traditionally posed photography. There is certain freshness that is attributed to this reportage style of photography. Also there is a sense of a story that is being told through the photographs.
photojournalism photo of happy memories
The problem with this style of photography lies in the fact that you are never sure of how the photos may turn out. If you opt for this style of photography for your wedding then ensure that your photographer has experience with the style. You after all want to have many happy memories of the wedding.
Artistic Wedding Photography
artistic photo of newlyweds on the beach
What is the definitive feature of this type of wedding photography? Well, as is evident from the name given to this style of photography, the images of a painting like feel to them. Every image is unique either because of a conscious intervention by the photographer or due to sheer beauty of the setting of the photograph. If you want to choose this style of photography for your wedding, then you need to understand the style and see whether it holds any appeal for you. These image may be slightly unorthodox and risky.
artistic photo of just married couple kissing at sunset
Choose this style if you want photographs that have a magical and other worldly effect in them. While this style may not have been very popular, many couples are breaking traditions and option for artistically clicked photographs.
Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and the memories from the day should be such that they last you a lifetime. Choose from the varied styles so that you have images from your wedding that will make you smile with happiness every time you look at them.

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