What Advanced Photoshop Training Can Do for You


Professional photographers and graphic designers know how important it is to keep learning new Photoshop skills and retool fundamentals skills. Like no other software I can think of, Adobe Photoshop repays the serious student with treasures and experiences that beginners only dream about. If you find yourself getting frustrated by not being able to make Photoshop work for you like it works for the best creative talent all over the world, the only thing that’s stopping you is a lack of Photoshop training.

Why you need to sign up for advanced Photoshop training: An advanced Photoshop training course will give you the ability to design professional web sites. You’ll learn how to create web interfaces through the use of special effects and photography, how to use weighted optimization like a professional designer, and how to use rollovers, animated files, slices, and transparencies. If you have mastered the basic Photoshop tools, commands, color options, layers, and layer management, you’re ready to take your design skills to the next level by signing up for advanced Photoshop training.

Learn how to improve and restore difficult images: Advanced Photoshop training will teach you how to work with levels and curves, adjustment levels, and how to use curves for advanced color correction. You’ll also learn how to enhance and restore troublesome digital images. You’ll learn professional selection and masking techniques, and you’ll master the use of channels, layer masks, working with paths, and blending.

Take your skills to the next level: Even if you’ve already learned how to use all the basic tools, sign up for advanced Photoshop training today and break through the barriers that have been keeping you from moving to the next level. If you’ve been working with an older version of Photoshop, sign up for advanced Photoshop training to learn all about the new features of Photoshop CS2. You’ll learn how to create graphics ready for the Internet and how Photoshop can help you get the most out of animation and video. You’ll quickly learn to navigate the Photoshop CS2 interface, and you’ll find out how to take full advantage of new features like Bridge, Smart Objects, Vanishing Point, Warp, Lens Correction, and Video Actions. You’ll learn how to create interactive web sites using the powerful new features of Photoshop CS2, while at the same time retooling your skills with all the Photoshop fundamentals like palettes, tools, and filters. You’ll learn how to import vector graphics, how to create animation for the Internet, how to input and output video, and how to use automated features to make a video clip of your still images.

Learn how to create professional images: With advanced Adobe Photoshop training, you’ll learn how to create and edit professional images. The great thing about Photoshop CS2 is that it lets you use new techniques for solving old problems-everything from selection to correction of your digital images. Advanced Photoshop training will also give you a deeper knowledge of layer masks.

So make up your mind to take your career to the next level-sign up for advanced Photoshop training today.

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