Epic Senior Picture Ideas That’ll Help You Cherish Your Memories

Senior Picture Ideas
Senior picture ideas have become very modern and glamorous these days. Nowadays, this isn’t treated like just something that needs to be done, but a lot of though and effort is put into taking out such kind of pictures. Let’s take a look at some great ideas for such yearbook portraits.
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Senior pictures are those portraits in which youngsters are photographed solo, giving a natural pose on a serene and quiet location.
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Many young boys and girls like to get their individual and group pictures clicked as memories of high school and college. There are many schools in which there are either portrait studios which invite kids for their senior pictures or hire professional photographers to do the job on a different location.
These ideas are generally used for pictures in the school’s yearbook for that class. Since these pictures stay in those yearbooks forever, as students’ identities, they need to be good! In the older days, very formal portrait photography used for senior boys and girls who wore tuxedos and gowns.
But today’s yearbooks flaunt beautiful colored photographs of these youngsters, wearing whatever they’re comfortable in and posing absolutely naturally. Given below are some creative ideas for senior pictures, mentioned just for you to choose from, so take a look!

High School Senior Picture Ideas

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There are millions of ideas for senior pictures which you can think of yourselves, if you like photography and are a little creative. If not, we are always happy to help. There are three major things that you have to keep in mind when you are looking for a good senior picture for the yearbook.
Clothing, location and poses, are necessary whenever you want a single portrait which could look presentable. When you are posing in a beautiful location with good clothes on, the result is always great picture! So, go ahead and look the best for these wonderful ideas given below.

Clothing Ideas

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The choice of your clothes for the senior picture should be a calm one. When you are picking out clothes, try to find neutral colors like black, white, gray, lemon, violet, green, mauve, maroon and even teal.
You can choose either very dark or very light shades of blue and pink if you like those colors. The reason being, you have to look like a grown up in the picture, considering you are a senior in high school!
The clothes for boys can either be formal or casual but not with very flashy designs. A simple striped shirt or plain T-shirt with formal or casual pants would do the look for your yearbook.
As for the ladies, you can have a wider choice, from formal, casual, dresses, or anything you like, which is not loud or brightly colored. Also, choose your jewelry accordingly (not flashy but simple and descent).
These clothes are going to be there in your senior yearbook pictures, so make sure you pick out the right ones that make you look great.

Location Ideas

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There can be any amount of choices for locations around you for your picture. You can choose to photograph absolutely anywhere you want.
Pick a location which will always remind you of the time you got your senior picture clicked, so make sure it’s a wonderful location.
Some ideas can be farmlands and other scenic places around the countryside, your favorite place in the school like the playground, or even your classroom. You can also get your picture clicked sitting in your room or your backyard, or even at the mall where you have always been hanging out with friends.
Another great tip for these senior pictures is that whichever location you choose, plan and match the colors of your clothes and background colors well. This helps in reflecting light in the picture and will give you cool picture effects along with the location.

Pose Ideas

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Well, for your poses, you could come up with anything you are comfortable with, but make sure the pose is not artificial. The pose ideas for girls could be a simple smile if you want a closeup, leaning on a wall, sitting on the lawn, or simply standing next to a tree.
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Facial expressions of both guys and girls can also be counted as your poses, if you want to look directly into the camera, or a side profile, or a tilted face with a smile. These portrait poses look great depending on a full-length, half-length or a face profile photograph.
You can also use senior picture prop ideas like holding flowers, a baseball bat, a soccer ball, books, a guitar, stuffed animals, a horse, a pup, or anything else you would like to choose. Props are something which can be used as an add-on in the picture, to help give you a better effect.
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If you have hired a photographer, talk to him about what kind of picture you want, so he knows how to get the best picture for you. Do not try to make your picture look like those of others, be yourself, but be different.
Lastly, have fun while your pictures are being taken. Don’t treat it as a task you need to get done with. Your attitude will definitely show in the end results. So enjoy the moment and let it be captured in the pictures, and you will have some great memories to cherish all your life.
With these great senior picture ideas mentioned above, you can surely make wonderful memories with them through your pictures. Your high school picture yearbook is a lifelong possession which you will cherish for years, so look good and “say cheese”!

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