Family Portrait Clothing Ideas for the Perfect Picture

Family Portrait Clothing Ideas
The clothing in family portraits is very important, as it decides how good the family portrait will ultimately come out. Family portraits look the best if you have taken special care of the clothing of all members, by trying out new and trendy clothing ideas.

Family Portrait

A few things about clothing to be kept in mind are:

  • Avoid seasonal clothes.
  • Wear clothes that accentuate your best features.
  • Avoid colors that make you look dull.
  • Avoid clothes with huge patterns and logos.
Nuclear Family
Family photographs or portraits are those things which we preserve for a long time, and get immense joy by viewing them every single time. These photographs remind us of our sweet memories and the memorable moments, which we have spent with our beloved family members.


First and foremost, you must decide on the location of your portrait, as the background plays a major role in deciding your clothes. If you choose to have your portrait taken indoors, your clothes must go well with the walls, curtains, and couches.
If you are setting up the camera in your garden, your clothes should go well with the surrounding greens. Make sure you decide the clothes accordingly.


The clothes must also be chosen, keeping the style you prefer in mind. Be it formals, casuals, or everyday clothes, make sure you do not face the camera if you feel your dress is a transparent, or your skirt is a little too short. Your discomfort will show in the photograph, and trust me, the result would not be nice at all.
comfort clothing
Wear clothes you are totally comfortable in, carry them with confidence, and look completely at ease.
Make sure that every member of the family follows a particular style. It will look funny if you are wearing an evening gown, while your daughter is in a flashy tee and torn jeans. This would kill the aim of a family portrait.
When it comes to color-scheming your clothes, let us first talk about multiple colors. Color coordination is of utmost importance, as it holds the key to a near-perfect click. The colors that you choose should go well with each other, and must enhance your features. Unless it is a close-up, avoid wearing too much brights.
If you have already decided upon the wall your portrait will adorn, an interesting idea would be to choose a single color of clothing for all members, that would go well with it. Keep in mind that the color you choose to wear must go well with both the background, as well as your wall.
A single color, or shades of it, adds smoothness and highlights the family bond.
Always go for light and pastel shades, as dark or bright colors would ruin the softness of an unicolored portrait.
Avoid colors that are seasonal, unless it is for a particular purpose. Choose the colors that would look good on your wall year-round.


If you wish to focus on a particular person, the best way to do it, is the through clothes. In the photograph above, the lady in the center is wearing bright clothes, while the people surrounding her are in subtle tones of gray and blue. Following the same cue, you can focus on your grandfather, or your newborn, towards whom you wish to direct attention.
If you wish to have a balanced attention on all the people in the photograph, do it by maintaining the colors and textures. In the picture above, all the three beautiful ladies receive equal attention due to the deep color tones, and the cloth texture. The focus is maintained on their faces, which definitely makes the photograph very appealing.


Accessories like scarves, caps, belts, and matching shoes, enhance the feel of the picture, and add interest. They also give you a chance to show off your fashion sense, and play with different styles.
Layering adds texture to your photograph. It also gives you an option of shedding layers for other photographs that might be taken.
Happy extended family
In ourĀ opinion, the best thing that you can wear for your portrait is a perfect, natural smile. It would not only make you look attractive, but would also highlight the bond that you share with your loving family.

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