Famous Wedding Photographers


Wedding photography aims at capturing photographs of the couple throughout the wedding at different points of time. These images and pictures are used for creating albums, portrait displays, and also printed on thank you cards and other souvenirs. Photography is an art and every photographer has a unique style in which he approaches this art form. Getting into the details of the work of these most famous photographers should help you understand this in a better way.
The article lists down the profiles of top wedding photographers renowned world over for their contribution to this field.
Joe Buissink: The style of Joe Bussink is influenced by landscape photography and fine art. Joe Bussink has had clients from the world over including celebrities like Hilary Swank, Jennifer Lopez, Kelsey Grammar, Chad Lowe, Jenny Garth, and Christine Applegate. His work has been acclaimed by the ‘Asian Art News’ and ‘The Wall Street Journal’. He regularly contributes to magazines like the Us Weekly, People, In Style, and many other reputed publications.
Kevin Kubota: He is ranked among the top ten famous photographers in this field by American Photo Magazine. Kevin Kubota is based in Oregon, USA. Apart from being a photographer, he is also an author and public speaker. He trains people who aspire to become photographers through workshops. Kevin Kubota works together with his wife on wedding photography projects.
Jerry Ghionis: He is an Australian photographer based in Melbourne who travels across the globe to cater to his clients; Jerry Ghionis has traveled to the United States, France, Italy, Greece, and the United Kingdom as well. His unique style of wedding photography sees the confluence of contemporary and vintage styles. The ‘Wedding & Portrait Photographers International’ has ranked Jerri Ghionis amongst top 5 wedding photographers of the world.
Martin Schembri: One of the finest and well-known wedding photographers of the world, Martin Schembri hails from Australia. The unique style of Mertin Schembri’s wedding photography has been internationally acclaimed. Since 1998, he has switched to digital photography to embrace the technological changes in this field. The images captured by Martin Schembri have been published in international magazines. His photographs were also a part of books written by Rick Ferro and Bill Hurter.
Jeff Ascough: He is an internationally acclaimed photographer from Lancashire, UK. Jeff Ascough is well-known for his black & white wedding photographs. The influence of photojournalism and fine art can clearly be seen in his works. His style of working has been imitated by beginners in the field of wedding photography. Jeff Ascough has worked with TV celebrities, footballers, musicians, film producers, and many others.
Yervant: He is one of the top 10 wedding photographers and is based in Australia. The specialty of Yervant’s work is that the subjects appear to be comfortable, without showing any signs of nervousness. Yervant’s personality plays an important role in making the subject comfortable and bringing out the best in them. He won his first award in photography at the young and tender age of 11 years. This famous photographer has been appreciated by his peers and has received recognition from professionals in this field.
Dennis Reggie: The well-known, USA based photographer, Denis Reggie is known for redefining wedding photography. His clients include celebrities from the world of films, music, television, and politics. Mariah Carey, Tom Clancy, Ted Turner, Peter Jennings, James Taylor, Alan Greenspan, Karenna Gore, and Don Henley are a few among his many high-profile clients.
Having a look at the works of these imminent photographers will give you a better idea. The profiles of most famous wedding photographers are presented in short, in this article.

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