How to Look Taller and Leaner in Photos Without Photoshop

How to Look Taller and Leaner in Photos Without Photoshop
Neither models, celebrities, or fashion bloggers are born photogenic; they too have to learn the art of looking captivating in pictures. If you’re someone who wishes to look taller and leaner in photos without the help of Photoshop, then this PhotograFeed post is for you.

But what does this even mean? According to the study, the theoretical conclusion is that perhaps, we demonstrate a higher intensity of emotions on the left side of our faces. So, do we need to take certain photographs from this angle?

Everyone has a good side, which they consider is the most flattering. For many of us, male or female, taking pictures is a gigantic task which they’d love to avoid at any cost. Reason(s)? Perhaps it’s the misconception that they “don’t look good in photographs”, “look bigger”, or “appear shorter” somehow. But what if we told you that you can take fabulous pictures and look amazing at the same time? Would you give it a try? Given below are 15 excellent tips on how to make yourself look taller in photos without Photoshop that will give you that much-needed confidence.

Wear Flattering Clothes
Maxi dress black
If you’re aware that pictures will be taken, wear things you know are flattering for your figure. One of the first few things that can make or break your photo is your attire. Which means, you need to be careful while putting an outfit together. Here are some points to remember:
1. Opt for monochrome dressing.
2. Avoid horizontal stripes; choose vertical stripes to appear slimmer due to the long lines.
3. Try jeans with flared bottoms along with a waist-length top or high-waist bottoms so it appears that you have longer legs.
4. If you’re a fan of maxi skirts or dresses, don’t disregard them altogether; find a cut and style that doesn’t flare too much.
5. If you wish to wear shorts, dresses, or skirts, make sure they are super-short; which means, avoid calf-length or knee-length clothes.
6. While pairing blazers and jackets with your outfits, proportion means everything―sleeves should end at the wrists, and the seams need to sit properly on your shoulders.
7. To fool the camera into thinking you have a long, lean torso, wear V-neck tops, blouse, or dresses.This is an obvious―avoid bulky clothing. When you wear clothes that are too big for you, it can unnecessarily and mercilessly add extra pounds to the photos. Choose lightweight, thin fabrics, such as silk and linen, whenever possible.

Adjust the Camera Angle

High low photo angles
When you place the camera at a height that’s slightly above your head, it can make a world of difference. Why, you may ask? Such angles will force you to look slightly up, toward the camera lens, which makes your neck and torso appear elongated. However, if you’re petite and are more concerned about appearing taller, then position the camera at a lower angle. On the other hand, if neither of these angles work, then a head-on shot will work just as well.

Posture Counts

Whether you’re sitting or standing, it’s vital that you improve your posture. While posing for pictures, keep your back straight (that means, no slouching in any condition), pull your shoulders back (this will open up your chest), and suck your stomach in. Maintaining good posture means exuding confidence and thinking tall.
Women pictures
Woman sitting picture
This is what we call “playing with proportions”; as in, tricking your mind into thinking that the object, i.e. you, is larger than its surroundings. Which is why, when you’re taking a picture, ask the photographer to fit your body (from head to toe) in the entire frame, whether you’re sitting or standing. The background can be anything from a plain wall to trees; the basic idea is, you are the center of attention in every picture.

Elongate those Legs

Crossing legs at ankles
This trick works amazingly when you’re taking a picture while standing, as it adds dimension to your body. All you need to do is cross your legs at your ankles, and automatically, your thighs and calves will appear slimmer. On the other hand, you can follow this trick while sitting as well. Grand, ain’t it? Well, that’s how the celebrities pose on the red carpet.
Stay Away from Direct Sunlight
Avoid, as much as you can, taking pictures while facing the sun directly. If you’re not wearing a hat or sunglasses, chances are you will squint in the photos. Although it’s quite common to do so, but the squinting will make your face appear larger than it actually is.

Wear Appropriate Shoes

Womens shoes
Not knowing when to choose between the low- and high-cut vamp heels can be overwhelming. In order to make your legs appear elongated, wear low-cut vamp shoes with skirts, shorts, and dresses. On the other hand, if you love shoes with high-cut vamp, make sure that the pair matches your skin tone to keep the illusion alive. And if heels aren’t really your thing, shoes with pointed toes will be just fine.
Ask your photographer to click pictures as you’re walking or are on-the-go. This adds extra dimension to your pictures and taking large steps will make you look leaner. These types of photos are very common among models and fashion bloggers.

Accessories Help Too

Apart from shoes, your purse, sunglasses, and belt also come in handy. Along with placing a huge tote bag or shoulder bag in front of you, you can also hold an envelope purse near your waist or down on the side.
It may seem redundant to keep tilting your chin every time you, but this small, yet crucial tip will ensure you never, ever get a double chin in your photos. There’s another fun trick to avoid a double chin―stick your tongue on the roof of your mouth and smile.

Turn Your Body Sideways

Women turning body sideways
Partially, that is. Place one foot in front of the other, point the toe towards the camera, and keep your weight on the back foot―this angle is perfect for making you appear taller and leaner in photos. Always avoid facing the camera head on.

Use Makeup Tricks

Right from using a bronzer to contouring and highlighting your face, applying a few makeup skills is also helpful. But, we don’t necessarily mean that you have to apply heavy makeup every time you click pictures. At times, applying mascara, blush, and a simple lip gloss is all you really need.

Use Your Arms Wisely

Women hand on hip
Where and how you place your arms in a photo is vital. Don’t stick your arms tightly on either side; instead, keep it slightly away from your body. This will ensure your upper arms don’t appear flabby. But you can’t just stand with your arms hanging away from your body now, can you? So, a good way to avoid seeming awkward in the photos is to place a hand on your hip.

Choose the Right ‘Do

Women hairstyles
The right hairstyle means flawless pictures every time. So, a visit to your trusted hairstylist is a must.
Experiment with the length and styling of your hair as it will make taking pictures even more fun. But remember, a sleek hairdo, like a pulled-back ponytail or updo, is what we want to avoid. Go with messy buns, top knot buns, a side braid, or a loose ponytail. On the other hand, if you’re petite and have no issues rocking short hair, a super-sleek bob or an edgy pixie hairstyle is the best option. But know this―for women with a round face, pulling hair away from the cheeks will draw attention to it, making the face appear bigger and more round.

Stand at a Distance

Woman standing from distance

We don’t need to explain this in detail. It’s a simple rule that almost everyone knows―the closer you are to the camera, the larger you will appear.

Finally, the most essential part of it all is to relax, give a beautiful, big smile to the camera, and have a good time. If you get too anxious or are tense, it’ll reflect in the photos. Know it in your heart that you look beautiful, and are perfect just the way you are.

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