Unique Ideas and Tips to Capture Exclusive Senior Pictures

Unique Senior Picture Ideas
If you are looking for some unique senior picture ideas, you have reached the right place. Read on for some creative tips on choosing the outfits, locations, and poses for your picture.
Gone are the days when senior pictures were all about getting into a studio, and getting oneself clicked in formal clothes. Today, the youngsters are much more individualistic, involved in a variety of activities and hobbies. They use these pictures as a means to highlight their diverse interests and personalities. Every year, there are thousands of students who get their pictures taken. So, what is it that will stand you apart from the rest? Given below are some unique tips, which you are sure to find handy.
For starters, you need to select a good, creative photographer who takes interest in his assignments, and gives you tips on how to look, or what to convey through the photographs. Once you have decided on the professional, it is time to discuss three very important aspects with him: the location of the shoot, your outfits, and your poses.
Location of the Shoot
The reasoning behind choosing a good, relevant location is that a few years down the line, when you look at your photographs, they would remind you of your student life. You have the option of either choosing an indoor or outdoor place, or both of these.
Outdoors: You may choose places which are an important part of your student life, such as the school’s playground, any fast food joint that you frequent with your friends, or your dance class. If you are a nature lover, have a stream, or perhaps, some trees and flowers in the background. Such pictures look colorful and aesthetic.
Indoors: This could be your hostel room or your gym class. Remember not to over clutter the photograph with things at the background. You should be the focus of the photographs, not the objects around you.
Adding some creative props may work wonders. It could be your guitar, your football, cheerleading pompoms, books, or any other thing of your interest. These will act as add-ons or elements of interest, stressing on your image and personality in school. Remember, this is how others too will be remembering you, a few years later.
Outfits for the Shoot
Go for clothes that bring out your personality. Do not simply follow the latest fashion trends. Choose clothes that you are comfortable in, as the same will be reflected in your pictures. Choose a variety of clothes, in terms of colors as well as designs. Choose some outfits in bright colors such as red and orange, some in pastels, and others in white or black. Similarly, get one photograph clicked in formal wear, one in casuals, and another in your prom dress or sports wear.
When it comes to choosing accessories for the outfits, keep it subtle. Do not go use too much of accessories. An effortless look is anytime better than a forced, dressy look.
Whether you are a guy or a girl, see to it that you are well-groomed before the session. Get face massages, get rid of unwanted hair, and most of all, do not forget to get your clothes ironed before the shoot. Grooming sessions won’t go waste, as they may put you into the habit of maintaining your nails, skin, and look.
Poses for the Shoot
When it comes to choosing the senior picture poses, it is all about being yourself. Although there are some standard poses such as leaning against the wall or sitting on the ground, if you want something unique, think out of the box. If you are into dancing, you can get a photographed clicked in a dancing pose. If you love the sun, sand, and the sea, get one clicked lying on a beach. If you are someone who likes all things classy and elegant, you can get the photograph clicked in chic clothes in a way a model poses. For those of you who want to bring forth their fun side, wearing a cool, loose summer dress, holding a bunch of colorful balloons is a good idea.
Here’s hoping that these original senior picture ideas have helped you pick a style for your yearbook photograph. Also remember that to get the right effect in the photographs, lighting plays a major role. So, discuss this in detail with your photographer. Ask him how the backgrounds would be (light or dark), and accordingly choose contrasting outfits.

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