Use Your Iphone to Take Great Photos







Nowadays, we are gradually going into the habit of using Apple iPhone to take pictures. Moms like to use their iPhone to capture the smiling faces of their children; Boyfriends hope to catch a touching side of their girlfrends; Travelers like to take pictures of themself to record and share their itinerary experiences at Facebook or Twitter. (BTW, this iTunes DRM media re-encoder let you share your iTunes media purchases freely). Since taking picture with iPhone has been part of our life, it’s time to learn how to use iPhone to take beautiful photos of people.


We more like go out to take photos on a sunny day. While taking photos, we should avoid the sun, because the direct sunlight not only makes people’s eyes squinted, but also distributes the light on photos unevently. If the location for photo shoot can be chose, the shadow is the best.

If you take photos indoors, the photos taken in the nature light will be more beautiful than ones taken using the lighting effects of the photographic studio. You can turn off all the house lights, and walk to a windowstill where there are a lot of light to find the best shooting location. According to my experience, the angle of 45 degrees formed by people an light is the best shooting angle.

Light capture

If you watch carefully, you will find that some people’s eyes in photos are more attractive than other photos. The reasons might be connected with the post production. But while taking photos, we can add much appeal to people’s eyes via capturing light skillfully.

So, how to capture light? This is actually simple. Just make the light reflected to the area of people’s face above the eyes, including the eyes, if you possibly can. To gain such effect, you need to know how to place the poses of the people photographed. Make sure the photographed people do not bend their heads or wear a hat. You can watch the source of the light from your iPhone screen to decide from which angle sto shoot people.

Keep the eye level with the photographed people

iPhone photographer can get a ludicrous effect by moving themself slightly. What you need to do is keeping your iphone’s viewfinder (iPhone’s screen) at the eye level with the photographed people. For example, you can squatte down to shoot the small child, or stand on a high position to shoot the people who is higher than you.

Ok, that’s it. As long as you can catch hold of these iPhone photography tricks and do a lot of practice, you can use your iPhone to take more impressive photos than professional cameras, because you are more familiar with your iPhone than the professional cameras.

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