Varied and Interesting Careers in Photography That Anyone Can Pursue


Pursuing a career in photography is not an easy choice to make because it involves dealing with a lot of rejections and many days of struggling with low pay. But the people who choose this profession are above such things, because for them there is no greater beauty than capturing a still image in its most natural and elemental state and then save it as an image to be viewed at any time in the future. Photography is an art that everyone loves, but only a select few can master. The inherent ability to spot natural beauty in everyday surroundings is not something that everyone is born with, and it takes many years of harnessing this skill to actually become a well-known professional in this field.

Digital cameras and technology have contributed to a surge in the number of amateur photographers around the world today, because after all, anyone can click pictures on their point and shoot cameras and their mobile phones. Someone who is genuinely interested in this art though, will soon start thinking about ways to make their pictures reach more eyes and to gain appreciation from all corners. This is when the thoughts about making a career out of photography start arising, and for the ones who are willingly to pursue this dream with conviction, there are a number of options.

You must remember though that figuring out photography and getting a big break as a photographer is a very tough job, so you will need to be very patient and committed if you are serious about making this happen. All the best photographers in the world have had to struggle for many years before they finally made it big, and in all likelihood, this is the path that you will have to walk down as well.

Career Paths in Photography List

Freelance Photography
This is perhaps the only way a photographer can gain recognition and make a living at the same time. He will need to take pictures on a regular basis and create a portfolio of his work, and then approach different parties for small jobs. Once he has made a name for himself, the offers will start rolling in by themselves and he will find the money pouring in as well. The best avenues to explore for freelance photographers are magazines, business publications, local newspapers, national newspapers, Internet communities and other corporates who have changing needs from time to time.

This is one of the most well paying careers in photography and it will also involve dealing with people from the fashion industry and traveling to exotic locations. Needless to say, this is a job that will appeal to many photographers. The best way to achieve this is to find work in a reputed fashion house, in retail stores who use a lot of billboards and hoardings or to work under an established fashion photographer who is looking to take someone under his wing. A well prepared portfolio of related pictures is an essential component for getting such a job.

This is a career option that may not appeal to all, but there is tremendous scope for this. Newspapers and other publications that report news are always on the lookout for talented professionals who do not mind going out and being in the thick of action and bringing back some images that tell a true story. People who are genuinely interested in reporting news from all around the world can explore this option, and they will find it very appealing in the long run.

Movie and TV show promoters are constantly coming up with new photo shoots to publicize their work, and they also require professionals who can sell these creations to the general public. The upside is that they will get to deal with famous celebrities and the downside is that there is a lot of hard work required to get to the very top. Magazine photo shoots, album covers etc are all a part of this profession, and there are thousands of them working behind the scenes to make this happen.

People who have itchy feet and like to explore new places on a regular basis can actually make a full career out of it by harnessing their skills. There are a number of travel websites, tourism companies, travel publications and TV shows that would hire photographers who are fond of traveling, so this is definitely a great profession to pursue. The pinnacle of this profession would obviously be working for a world famous publication like National Geographic which regularly publishes some of the most stunning images of wildlife and scenic places from all around the world.

This industry is not as glamorous as the fashion industry or the movie industry, but the pay is definitely on par. Big corporate houses in the real estate industry, the healthcare sector, the insurance industry, the construction industry, the architecture industry and several other industries all have constant needs for quality photographers for a wide variety of tasks. Someone who does nor mind working in such industries should definitely give this line a thought.

Though this cannot be a full-time profession in the long run, it is a good way for amateurs to build their portfolio, get some real experience and also make some decent money in the bargain. Weddings are a source of immense joy for the families involved, and all weddings have at least one photographer who is paid to capture the joyous occasion. Just because many photographers use this as a stepping stone does not mean that someone cannot make a full-time profession out of it either.

If you are prepared to work hard and be patient for your big break, then this is just the career for you. If you are genuinely good with the photographs that you click, then you will get a great opportunity sooner or later since there are so many employers who are actively looking for talented photographers. So do not fret too much, and do not be scared to follow your passion.

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