Wedding Photography Tips


Photography, as a creative medium, has grown in leaps and bounds. From fashion to portrait photography, budding photographers can take their pick for a career choice that is closest to their personal preferences.

In the recent times, wedding photography has gone beyond the traditional close-ups and group shots. With the increasing number of demands from the clientele, wedding photographers now, have freedom of experimentation, which allows them to discover their creativity. So, what makes a good picture? Well, the answer lies with the photographer itself! It is how he perceives a subject and frames the visual into the most interesting angle, that is of utmost importance! Wedding photography requires a certain presence of mind and ability to capture the action and special moments! With digital technology, things have only become easier!

Important Tips

Study the Location
Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you must study the location of the wedding in advance. At times, there may be more than one location. Know how these locations will appear at different times of the day. You can even ask the couple to visit the location along with you for some test shots. This will give an indication about the final results.

Ensure You Shoot with Enough Light
If it’s indoors, ensure there is enough natural light filtering through the windows and doors. In the outdoors, you need to think about harsh sunlight. Harsh sunlight is something that will definitely not flatter your pictures. It casts deep shadows on the subject, which gives a bad effect. Note the time of the event in advance. The evening light will give a soft look to the pictures.

Try Variations in Angles
Standing in one spot and clicking pictures will only give you boring results. Be a little bold and try various angles even if it means you would have to stand in various awkward positions! The key element is to capture the perfect angle and mood of the moment! You can try something different instead of the normal group photos. Ask friends of the couples to experiment and get them to pose differently!

Help the Couple Feel at Ease
As a wedding photographer, you should have a great vibing with the couple. On the wedding day, there are chances the couple may feel stressed or nervous and you must ensure they feel at ease. This will ultimately give you the best results in your pictures. Make the guests also feel comfortable to avoid getting staid shots. Beautifully framed photos are assets to your portfolio.

Consider the Background of the Subject
In a wedding, there’s bound to chaos. You need to think about this in advance and anticipate the possibilities! This is one of the areas where you would need to rely on your presence of mind and decide what looks the best for your compositions. This is when your preparation in advance would help you to get better compositions. However, you would need to keep a sharp lookout for cluttered up spaces and areas, which do not have the required amount of light. You can even ask the subject to shift few steps to achieve the appropriate angle. A wide aperture setting can also help to blur backgrounds!

Always discuss with your clients about the kind of expectations they would have. This would help you to have a better idea to know how to go about the assignment. Experiment a little without fearing the results! After all, you never know when you would join the league of famous photographers!

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